VIA and Bitso allow workers to be paid in cryptocurrencies.

One of the most popular exchanges in Latin America, Bitso, announced its alliance with VIA, the platform recognized worldwide for enabling millions of workers to hire and pay payroll, in a joint effort to offer higher quality operations in the crypto ecosystem.

According to the Bitso platform, this alliance seeks that workers anywhere in the world who are hired through VIA could receive the equivalent amount of their salary in cryptocurrencies and by doing so, they can eliminate all the disadvantages of the typical financial system.

In addition, this initiative gives workers the option to become familiar with and use stablecoins for the payment of their salary; cryptoassets that were designed to avoid fluctuation by being linked to the value of a fiat currency.

VIA co-founder, Itziar Diez-Canedo said:

“Through this solution, we are giving workers more options so that they are the ones who define how they receive their payments regardless of where they live or what company they work for. We are also allowing companies to hire international talent without worrying about administrative issues.

For its part, Bitso emphasized that paying the payroll of workers with cryptocurrencies simplifies and solves different problems; such as inflation, and hidden commissions for foreign transactions. In this way, workers are compensated quickly and fairly, taking care of the regulations of each country.

Several countries have started to pay their workers through cryptocurrencies, but there are still several problems when it comes to international transfers, especially for those who travel between countries and wish to receive their money in one currency.

“With the enablement of crypto-payments workers can receive a higher net amount in their accounts by saving on commissions and exchange rates that remain within the traditional financial system,” concluded Bitso.

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