“Odyssey NFT,” the Starbucks collection that exceeded expectations

Odyssey NFT Starbucks

Coffeehouse giant Starbucks unveiled its first collection of limited edition NFT’s. 2,000 digital units under the name Odyssey NFT.

Starbucks formed an alliance with Polygon, the network designed to be economical and develop the ecosystem around the Ethereum blockchain, a rather robust and reliable collaboration.

thus, the company launched its loyalty program for users with 2,000 NFT’s that will give interactive benefits to its bearers.

Presented as “travel stamps” via the Starbucks app, there will be no need for Oculus, nor a Blockchain Wallet, because the app provides everything needed to guarantee the experience from start to finish.

Starbucks NFT’s are tradable to earn “Travel Stamps” as you increase your collection, this is quite positive as a percentage of the sale of a copy will be reflected in donations to charities.

In addition, the NFT’s were developed by independent artists and employees which increases the naturalness and uniqueness of the token.

One of the characteristics that has allowed the North American giant to remain at the forefront has been its ability to adapt and innovate; two virtues that permeate this innovative collection of NFT’s.

In a dynamic financial environment, the commitment to an NFT collection demonstrates to the community that adverse forecasts can be overcome. And to the surprise of all, the collection was completed in less than 20 minutes.

Odyssey NFT generated a market volume of $117,546 through 308 sales. In addition, this collection has 1,166 unique users, which pushed the price of each asset to over $370 USD.

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