Latin America says “YES” to weddings in the metaverse

Last Saturday, March 25, a historic event took place. The city of Barranquilla, Colombia, became the first city in Latin America to have a marriage celebrated in the metaverse.

The celebration, as well as the ceremony, took place in the halls of the DannCarlton Hotel. The bride and groom, as well as the notary, participated in the wedding with virtual reality viewers.

However, the virtual celebration took place in Luxury City, one of the lands created in Disruptiverse.

Disruptiverse is an exclusive state-of-the-art metaverse that offers an immersive experience, thanks to the use of Oculus that can be experienced by the owners of the different lands, buildings and spaces offered by this one-of-a-kind metaverse.

All the wedding attendees and guests had a screen on which they could see the bride and groom, in their 3D versions or “avatars”, as they celebrated their union in the virtual world. In addition, the bride and groom also shared their joy through a Facebook Live.

The bride’s name is Daniel, and the husband’s name is Will Fiorillo. Both are Colombian citizens.

Meanwhile, the wedding was organized by the company Capital Green, in collaboration with the business unit REM, abbreviation of Real Estate Metaverso.

“This technology has become our greatest ally, as its breakthroughs promise a virtual future that has become a reality. And you can increase audiences through different projects, which will grow virtuality.”

During February 2022, the first wedding of the metaverse took place, thanks to a couple from Phoenix, Arizona, who decided to hold the event in Decentraland. A celebration that counted with the presence of witnesses, an officiant from the Supreme Court and a virtual crowd of 2,000 guests.

Two events that show some of the scope that the metaverse could have as a project that is still growing.

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