Burger King starts taking crypto payments in Paris

Burger king

The American franchise known worldwide; Burger King, has just reached an agreement with a company that provides services through cryptocurrencies.

All this takes shape in Paris, the french capital, where the company Inspower and Burger King made an innovative alliance that plans to provide Inspower’s battery rental services, and payments through cryptoassets.

Inspower is a company that allows you to recharge your cell phones and mobile devices through its equipment. This time, located in Burger King branches in Paris, and payments can be made in Alchemy Pay and Binance Pay.

Certainly despite the fact that it is not possible for now to buy Burger king products such as the BIG KING or the WHOPPER Jr, its alliance with Inspower allows it to innovate in its sector, because it adds a greater attraction to its franchise by providing a solution to CryptoLovers from its facilities.

Other companies such as Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and KFC have already launched their NFT’s, while perennial rival McDonald’s has decided to enter the metaverse. This means that multinational companies have begun to rely on the latest developments in digital technology.

For its part, Burger King continues without missing a step and it is expected that soon it will also be able to receive cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for the purchase of its products.

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