Social networks boost MLM marketing sales in Quebec

Social networks have an impact with different effects on people’s lives, and areas such as business are no exception. After two difficult years due to the pandemic, sales in the MLM Marketing sector have increased.

According to the words of the president of the Direct Selling Association of Canada (DSA), Petter Maddox: “Between 2019 and 2020, sales have increased by 26%”.

The DSA estimated that the number of women distributors increased by 19%, reflecting people’s interest in this business model.

“When COVID-19 came in, people who were already saleswomen had a little more time to devote to this business, because their 9-to-5 jobs were not as busy, or even put on hold because of the restrictions,” Maddox stated.

Figures from a survey conducted by Abacus, in 2021, for the DSA indicated that “during the pandemic, one in three Canadians generated additional income outside of their primary job.”

As of press time, the DS estimates that there are about 1.39 million independent distributors in Canada. And the majority of this population are women.

An interesting development is the relevance that the “Instagram” platform has gained, for this sector of multilevel marketing, thanks to the visibility it gives to figures who are considered “influencers”.

“Before, it was all done by word of mouth. But now it is often becoming a form of influencer marketing, where companies collaborate with influencers, or micro-influencers,” said Georges-Alexandre Rodrigue, professor of marketing at Laval University.

Maddox added that another of the advantages of the Internet lies in the fact that no investment is needed to create an inventory, because the transaction can be made directly in an online store.

Finally, products from the Tupperware or Avon brands were some of the most common products in Canadian households during this period. Two brands with outstanding multilevel business models.

  • With information from CTV News Montreal.

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