People from all over the world gather at Blockchain Economy Dubai 2022

Held at the Le Meridien Hotel; in Dubai,Blockchain Economy Dubai 2022 was a successful event where the interaction and exchange of strategies and ideas demonstrated that blockchain technology and crypto developments are transforming the lives of thousands of people around the world. 

The international media Cointelegraph actively participated throughout the event, and did not miss the opportunity to talk with personalities of the quality of Dennis Jarvis, CEO of or the co-founder of Satoshi Solutions, Clayton Pullum, just to mention a few.

Some of the topics that were addressed during this edition were hiring in the cryptocurrency industry, and the implementation of crypto credit cards.

For their part, attendees highlighted that Blockchain Economy Dubai 2022 was, without a doubt, a great opportunity for networking among diverse people and fans of the industry. But they also pointed out that there are still things that could be improved; such as the fact that the organizers should allow and enable cryptocurrency payments for the entrance of the event.

During one of the panel discussions at the event, which looked at the security of DeFi, panelists such as Alex Meurer of Fitburn, Mohamed Issa of Chainalysis and Giorgio Torre of Big 4 agreed that members of the global community need to educate themselves and work on the regulations needed to take the next steps.

Finally, Blockchain Economy Dubai Sumit 2022 was seen by attendees as a global crypto hub, with delegates from around the world looking to cooperate and participate as one big team.

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