KONAMI starts the game and enters the NFT market

World-renowned video game developer KONAMI announced that it is planning to design and launch its own Marketplace for users to exchange NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens).

These NFTs will be designed exclusively for use in video games. In this way, the Japanese company plans to venture into the NFT’s market, as well as Web 3.0 and Metaverse services to take full advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology.

KONAMI has made public that it will try to meet the expectations for blockchain-enabled games, because they will be evaluated by the Computer Entertainment Providers Association, the Japan Online Games Association, as well as the Mobile Content Forum.

This will enable it to become a quality platform with an attractive offering for the public.

The NFT platform designed by KONAMI aims to meet various needs, including offering a broader experience for Metaverse users. And in its Marketplace, NFT’s will be exchanged as game elements, access to private communities and exclusive events will be opened.

Some time ago, the Japanese company auctioned some NFT’s from its Konami Memorial NFT collection on the Open Sea platform. 14 unique pieces of digital art that meant profits of up to $162,000 dollars.

Some other companies that have already bet on blockchain technology are SEGA, as well as Tamadoge, a platform for P2E games that is growing in popularity day by day.

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