Improve your online nertworking with these tips

Social networks have allowed an increase in entrepreneurship, the opening of online projects and the offer of different services at a distance. However, this window of opportunity requires skills so that users who want to take full advantage of it can establish successful businesses.

According to Forbes Insights’ “The Case for Face-to-Face” study, 85% of executives and business leaders consider conferences, as well as well-run and organized business meetings, to be an excellent social medium for meeting potential customers, partners or building meaningful relationships.

In addition, this type of meeting encourages the development of complex-strategic thinking, as well as providing a space where participants can learn to collaborate together to make decisions in difficult or demanding contexts.

Thus, the NDS Cognitive Labs portal highlights some points that can help to achieve better results when networking.

a) Take care of Social Networks

90% of potential customers on the Internet will first visit your social networks before they are encouraged to hire your services or buy your product.

b) Select your contacts carefully

You must choose carefully who you follow on social networks, because this is part of your corporate image.

c) Focus your courses, webinars and other material.

This means only one thing: update and plan your company’s materials in the best way. Do not try to cover everything. Always appeal to quality information.

d) Share quality visual resources.

A quality image will attract more potential clients if it offers valuable content and is well worked. Take care of these details.

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