Clover and Strike drive mass adoption of bitcoin payments

Strike is a company specialized and oriented in the execution of instant payments through its application. Users can send money in seconds to their contacts in a secure way and also make use of their debit card.

Quite innovative, but this is just the beginning, announces its link with the company Clover which is in charge of payment processing through POS technology, which allows executing debit card transactions through a point of sale.

This is to pilot test a network called Lightning, which will allow Clover users to receive USD cheaper and faster through Bitcoin.

Strike CEO Jack Mallers posted on his Twitter account “Lightning is available with Clover. Strike is officially an integrated partner of payments giant Fiserv and we’ve launched our public pilot with CloverCommerce POS terminals!”

“Clover merchants can now accept cheaper, faster, cash USD through Lightning” he suggested in closing.

90-day pilot test

The Lightning network will be tested for the next 90 days, in which they analyzed how the transaction speed flow is maintained, settlement compared to other BTC-enabled networks, and a follow-up on the business that Lightning enables for users.

Strike is currently only available in the United States, Argentina and El Salvador.

It’s planned in the coming months to bring together with the Lightning Network to more than 200 countries.

The crypto market works 7 days a week 24 hours a day, and users will be able to make use of it through the Lightning network, this will give a new twist to the interpretation of payments thanks to the insertion of bitcoin through the application.

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