“Blockchain gaming can generate significant earnings”, says WAX CEO, William Quigley

In an-interview with CNBC, Worldwide Asset eXchange director William Quigley explained how its blockchain network differs from the network exploited in the $600 million Axie Infinity hack.

Blockchain Brawlers, WAX’s video game, and one of the most attractive bets right now for cybernauts, runs on the blockchain which provides the user with a wide variety of benefits.

Blockchain Brawlers accepts NFT’s. It also has its own currency, and this allows the existence of different assets. Users have digital objects with which you can trade, exchange them for other NFT’s or even take them out of the game. A proprietary feature, which is not yet allowed by other platforms such as Google Play or Apple’ appstore.

While traditional video games use user rewards in their own story dynamics, a video game like WAX’s allows these rewards to have different applications in the real world, as well as on other blockchain-enabled platforms.

“A video game designed and built on the blockchain allows the user to own the rewards and items within the story. And that means a real transformation. “, Quigley noted.

The Blockchain Brawlers game reached a volume of 350 million dollars in trading, just in one week. And one of the formulas behind its success lies in the team in charge of promoting the game, as well as the large community of players who are very active on social networks and discord channels (a very popular communication platform among video game players).

In addition, the sale of attractive avatars before the official launch was also very well received by online players. And all of that allowed the native Brawl token to be leveraged almost instantly by all users.

All this means that, with the right advertising and positioning strategy, video games developed on a blockchain, can recover with very good returns on initial investments, taking into account the possibilities of fun and rewards that they also offer to users.

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