Blattle Infinity Staking: a 4 million model in one week

After having released its new staking platform on IBAT, the native token of its ecosystem, the Battle Inifnity project is at the top of the gaming metaverse and it seems that this key release already places it among the most attractive options for users.

This launch of the staking platform comes at a very important time, because all those cryptocurrencies that operate under a “Pos” or “Proof of Stake” model offer success as long as they have the backing of a quality project.

It’s no coincidence that the volume of staked tokens is on the rise, and in just a few days, Battle Inifinity reached the figure of 4 million dollars blocked for staking, which means 40% of the total IBAT issued so far. This is what the project’s development team communicated on its Twitter account:

“Thanks to the launch of the Staking function, the coin experienced an interesting revaluation in the market in a very short time.”

For its part, the CoinGecko portal rated Battle Infinity as the third trending cryptocurrency during the last days of September, which endorses the success of the launch of its staking function.

The way staking works in Battle Infinity is very simple: there are only two formulas for staking IBAT: flexible and blockchain. However, a minimum amount of 8,000 IBAT tokens is required.

Currently, users can acquire IBAT on DEX PancakeSwap, but very soon they will be able to acquire it on other platforms.

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