Amazon shows interest in NFT market

Several companies have begun to bet on blockchain technology and the NFT’s market. Above all, as another means to connect with the public through collections and strategic alliances that offer these developments.

An example of this is Amazon, the retail giant that is considering starting to work with blockchain technology and intends, in early spring, to make public its entry into the NFT’s industry in relation to video games, for the platform’s customers to explore the crypto gaming industry.

In the last year, Amazon has integrated developers from exchanges and companies in the NFT environment into its ranks. Some specialists claim that this is a strategy to compete directly with OpenSea, one of the best positioned marketplaces in the world.

So far, OpenSea has 2.5 million users, and is a leader in making NFT transactions in the market, but that number is still less than 1% of Amazon’s users worldwide.

Meanwhile, the Amazon Web Service (AWS) protocol has enabled roles for developers and engineers in blockchain and web3, and it is no coincidence either the recent alliance of AVA Labs, with the purpose of testing nodes and activating networks through AWS in a legal way.

Since 2013 Amazon has been testing the Amazon Coin program, which sounds more like a loyalty reward project than a crypto project but nothing else has been announced concerning it yet and as of this moment it isn’t presented as one of Amazon’s means of interaction with the blockchain industry.

After the cryptocurrency sector experienced a rise in prices during the last few weeks, it is expected that in 2023 several companies will follow Amazon’s example and, little by little, bet on the benefits of the latest technological advances.

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