ADIDAS shakes up the networks with the “Messiverse”

Lionel Messi is trending worldwide. The Argentinean-born player and captain of his country’s national team became a trend after winning the World Cup, which is why he has been under the media spotlight.

The perfect moment for the German company to launch a commercial that proposes something different: the existence of five versions of the player Lionel Messi. In this way, “the messiverse” generated great acceptance among fans around the world.

These five versions of the Argentine player make reference to the star’s five participations in the World Cup, since the 2006 edition.

In addition, the commercial is set to the song “Life is life”, by the group Opus and, as is already characteristic, moves under the slogan “Imposible is nothing”.

The video was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence, as well as CGI. And, we reiterate, each image of the player represents one of the stages, for each World Cup played. In this way, Lionel Messi continues to project his image in collaboration with the latest developments in digital technology.

Just a few months ago, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner launched his own collection of NFT’s, entitled “Messi: the Time Machine”. A collaboration with the Ethernity Marketplace platform, which highlights the player’s most representative achievements with the Albiceleste national team.

This collection also integrates 4 rare NFT’s, which would be distributed through free raffles, organized by the platform. The “rarity” NFT’s are:

2010 – Lionel Messi advances to the quarterfinals.

2014 – “Messi’s best World Cup”.

2018 – “Messi advances to the round of 16”.

2022 – Messi World Champion.

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