Skills to grow in the FinTech market

According to figures from the Markets and Research portal, the Fintech sector reached a global valuation well above seven trillion dollars in 2020, and by the middle of this decade it is projected to reach a value of more than 31 trillion dollars. Reasons enough for more and more people to look at this field as a possible growth window.

In the case of the industry in Spain, companies are frequently looking for profiles such as software developers and data engineers to drive the growth and projection of their projects.

“Specifically, cybersecurity is a niche area of specialization in Spain and, because of this, it is more difficult for Fintechs to find the right talent in this field,” detailed the Robert Walters report dedicated to the study of this market.

Another field that needs more and more talent is blockchain and cryptoeconomics.  For that reason, the IEB has developed a program in Blockchain and Digital Innovation with the aim of delving into the fundamentals of that technology; without neglecting the financial and legal aspects.

The lack of students trained in the area of new technologies is one of the elements that most affects these industries; for that reason, the companies themselves have begun to organize their own IT programming camps to train the most outstanding talent, as well as all those students with a taste for these branches of technology.

Hybrid profiles are the most sought after. Profiles capable of understanding what is needed for the development of projects with global reach: technology, administration, marketing, human resources and that offer creative solutions to current problems. The famous “thinking outside the box”, as indicated by Giorgio Semenzato, CEO and co-founder of Finizens, in Spain.

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