Open Sea finally integrates animated NFT’s

The world’s most famous decentralized Marketplace; Open Sea, did it again. Just a few hours ago it unveiled a new update. An improvement that allows the integration of NFT’s with animations on the platform and that is already causing great interest from users.

So far, Open Sea only offered static NFT collections, which means a limitation to the options of this Marketplace. Other options such as LooksRare already allowed animated NFT’s some time ago.

This update comes at a time when NFT markets are innovating by accepting new collections. Newer and more attractive catalogs. However, Open Sea is looking to compete with other marketplaces.

Currently, the NFt’s trade has taken a second wind, after different companies such as Adidas, Porsche or Mattel, as well as celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo began to participate in the collections of these assets.

Is this a boost for this attractive market for young people? Everything seems to indicate that this is the most striking novelty of blockchain developments.

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