Metaverse economy will have a massive impact in the coming years

The next few years will be crucial for the development of the Metaverse. In the words of Marco Casarín, CEO of Meta Mexico, Facebook’s parent company, the next four or five years will define the impact that the Metaverse could have in the Mexican and Latin American region.

In an estimated analysis, it is calculated that in 4 to 8 years, the Metaverse economy could reach 320,000 million dollars. This would mean an extraordinary economic impact.

The CEO of Meta in Mexico is confident that these figures can be achieved. In a conversation with Forbes Mexico, Casarín explained how this wave of digital innovation will bring multiple benefits to people in different sectors.

“I particularly consider that from the next four to five years is when we are going to start noticing the first impacts of this economy. There is a forecast from Bloomberg Intelligence that talks about the global Metaverse economy could reach $800 billion by 2024…,” he said.

And in that sense, Mexico stands out as an interesting market for the Metaverse economy.

In Casarín’s words, 59% of the Mexicans consulted believe that the Metaverse can transform the experience of digital interaction. An interaction that integrates areas such as education, work, entertainment and commercial transactions.

Meanwhile, for all those who still do not trust the Metaverse, Casarín pointed out that there have been some technological developments before that lacked credibility. However, that did not prevent its growth and consolidation.

“There were people skeptical of Internet access, I saw people skeptical of cellular telephony, I saw CEO’s who claimed that no one would buy a cell phone over $1,000 and now, all those concepts have changed our experience…”

Finally, Casarín celebrated the era we are living in. A historic moment in which consumers, brands and content generators are converging thanks to technology.

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