Illuvium prepares its new collection of NFT’s

Illuvium, built on the Ethereum blockchain, announced on its official website the arrival of collectible NFT’s from its own universe, and will consist of a competition to collect the most powerful Illuvistar based on Illuvials, another of the NFT’s games released by the project.

For this collection, the design team has the experience of artists who have collaborated with other video game giants; such as Blizzard and Sega, with the goal of creating aesthetic NFT’s while preserving the identity of the video game.

Illuvium Protocol has joined forces with the Big 3. Consisting of Binance, Immutable X, and Chainlink integrate this collaboration and have enabled the draws to be fast and secure.

Immutable X is in charge of granting legitimate ownership to the user at no cost to Gas. Binance Connet ensures that the purchase is safe and easy within Illuvidex. And Chainlink is in charge of making the draws transparent to ensure user participation.

The project will be sold through Standard and Mega packages. Each one will consist of 1 Illuvistar, plus 3 accessories. The only difference is that the Standard Packs contain an extra Illuvistar level 0, while the Mega pack contains an extra Illuvistar Rare.

So far, it has been detailed that the cost will be 0.0005 ETH ($9), for a standard package and 0.025 ETH ($43) for a Mega. It should be noted that they will be distributed in different phases and the first one will be composed of 25 Illuvistar which you can see here.

Unlike Axie Infinity, this game does not require an initial investment and promises to reward players in Ether (ETH).

With an open-world adventure RPG style, Illuvium offers more realistic graphics and a quest to hunt and capture creatures similar to known deity-like Illuvials. Each of the monsters are unique tokens (NFT).

For more details about the launch, stay tuned to the company’s social networks.

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