FTX fell, but the market is growing

A few days ago the FTX Exchange declared bankruptcy. A situation that has caused alarm within the crypto industry; however, the market is already looking for ways to strengthen itself after this shock.

An example of this is DASH 2 Trade, a trading platform that in less than three weeks has raised $6 million. D2T, for short, is considered a crypto analytics and signals ecosystem; that is, it offers professional metrics to small traders and investors.

Thanks to its increasing popularity, D2T signed an agreement to be listed on BitMart. One of the keys to its success; analysts point out, has been the pre-sale model, because they have made sure to create the expectation that people needed in the search for new projects.

BitMart is ranked 24th in Coinmarketcap’s ranking, and records a 24-hour trading volume of over $400 million.

Another platform that will also include the D2T token is LBank. These actions provide investors with greater security, because they know that the project they are participating in has the approval of accredited exchanges.

Currently, Das 2 Trade is in a phase of construction and improvement. A time when its platform is “perfecting” to provide users with “holistic analysis” and help them make better decisions.

In addition, it offers its services by helping itself from the latest adverse situation FTX went through: for users and customers to avoid making investments in other projects similar to the Exchange that a few days ago announced its bankruptcy.

“Of course, investors should continue to do their own analysis, but having two listing agreements already signed should be taken by our growing community of supporters as an indicator that we are on the right track,” stated Tim Ottowitz, Dash 2 Trade’s product and community manager.

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