Disruptiverse: the immersive experience of the year is ready to welcome thousands of users

  • It's about a unique metaverse, providing immersive interaction experiences thanks to the latest advances in blockchain technology, NFT's and Web3.

This Monday, December 12, the world will witness the evolution of reality. Disruptive Studio, the most promising software and digital technology company in recent years, will launch the first version of its most ambitious project: Disruptiverse.

An innovative experience, multiple possibilities.

Disruptiverse is a virtual world made up of more than 80 thousand spaces; classified into land, buildings, interiors, and customized designs. In the first stage open to the public, a limited number of assets will be offered under the Mistery Box concept, which clients will be able to acquire on pre-sale.

In the wake of the 2020 pandemic, human interaction has been forced to rethink. This is how technology sought new alternatives to connect people. And that is where Disruptiverse offers excellent communication options.

An example of this are the virtual rooms where professionals, executives or academics can offer their services, without neglecting the needs of their consultations, online classes or consulting from anywhere in the world.

In addition, it also offers spaces such as private rooms where users manage access. They can also enjoy proximity communication, which gives them the feeling of being in the same place thanks to OCULUS’ exclusive technology.

Premium technology for powerful support

At the moment, Disruptiverse is enabled to receive up to 50,000 users simultaneously. And to provide maximum security to users, it operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, one of the most robust networks in the market.

Disruptive Studio is a company that promotes the participation of the Hispanic community. Through initiatives and projects such as Disruptiverse, where blockchain, NFT’s and metaverse merge to create immersive experiences with human sense, in an innovative way.

This makes Disruptiverse a project in favor of education, communication and an improvement of social networks, which involved talent from Latin America and the United States.

Don’t miss a single detail and check Disruptiverse updates here.

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