A new study: “selling with Influencers works best”

Social networks are the information and communication channels of the 21st century. This was shown by a study conducted by Oracle and CRM Essentials. The research project showed that the influence of content creators is more important than previously thought.

13% of the people surveyed claimed to have learned about new products or brands thanks to advertising in traditional media: television or radio. Meanwhile, 80% claimed to have acquired or learned about products through content creators or brands on social media.

So far in the study, YouTube figures as the most popular channel to follow influencers among the different generations of users. Meanwhile, Generation Z prefers TikTok (25%), and Baby Boomers chose Facebook (23%).

Generation Z, as well as millennials, are twice as likely to be influenced by content creators, and 37% of total respondents say they trust them more than brands.

A fact to keep in mind is the following: instead of using traditional customer service channels (by phone or mail), users prefer to turn to digital platforms to find an answer or solution to their queries or disagreements.

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