Bitfinex upgrades and now allows to view “favorite pairs”

Bitfinex once again positions itself as a major league platform with the latest update offered to its users and this time presents “Bitfinex Market Watch”, a space where customers can add different tokens and shows the trading pairs in a customizable window, which means a real-time view of the market.

Each of Bitfinex’s clients and users can customize the function to follow the behavior of trading pairs by volume or, if preferred, the best and worst results of the last day.

The windows integrate essential information such as digital token tickers, cost, volume, 24-hour volume and a graph for each pair. In addition, for a better browsing experience, the trader can customize the layout of the function and follow the behavior of the assets of interest.

Up to this moment, Bitfinex occupies a unique position, because it’s the only platform, since its foundation in 2012, dedicated to digital token trading that offers a wide variety of services: spot and margin trading, as well as betting and lending.

One of the platform’s main objectives is to provide access to peer-to-peer funding, an OTC marketplace, and funded trading for a diverse catalog of digital assets. In addition, it provides support, tools and updates to facilitate the work of traders as well as liquidity providers worldwide.

To learn more details about it visit its Website:

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