Bitcoin City, El Salvador shares images of its new bet

Announced in November 2021 during the closing of the Latin American Bitcoin Conference, El Salvador’s new Bitcoin City was shared by the country’s president on twitter.

It’s a photo gallery in which Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, shared the model of what would be Bitcoin City. He also clarified that for now it is only a model and that is why the gold color stands out, but that will not be the final color. It is only a sample of the scale model.

On the other hand, the city would have a greater amount of green and blue tones due to the presence of wooded areas, as well as the ocean.

Some of the other photographs shared illustrate a scale model of a viewpoint near a volcano, as well as the airport.

The government of El Salvador has reported that Bitcoin City will be built near the Conchagua volcano in the department of La Unión. This would be supplied with geothermal energy and financed with so-called bitcoin bonds, but, due to the bearish conditions of the last few weeks, these bonds have not yet been launched.

However, Bukele has taken advantage of the market conditions and his government acquired 500 bitcoin to expand El Salvador’s reserves, in the midst of a situation that has caught the attention of analysts and specialists in the matter.

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