SuperPower Squad develops its GameFi model

After a difficult outlook, the company Titanium Blockchain Service launched a blockchain game that, against all odds, has been well received by the public.

What is Superpower Squad?

Superpower Squad is a game that merges several modalities. It could be described as a battle royale that reminds us of Brawl Stars and its blockchain counterpart, Titan Arena. However, SuperPower Squad developed more engaging, Fortnite-style characters.

Gaming Panorama

During the last year all projects oriented to gaming on blockchain technology have gone through a critical moment; such and it happened with Axie Infinite, which diversified its game mode with the aim of offering more quality time to its community, considered the largest in cryptogaming.

Superpower Squad on the Blockchain

Currently, Superpower Squad reaches 200,000 downloads on Appstore and Playstore and has about 42,000 on-chain transactions per day, and a number of daily active users of 4,400, with more than 44,000 wallets created in the game.

The game allows you to sign up with email or Wallet and has to date more than 20 people competing in room for 5 minutes and participate for NFT rewards from their heroes.

“Compared to other projects in the industry, game development is a much more regenerative path that is especially time, effort and money consuming. Superpower Squad has almost finished all of its functional development, with USD 3 million spent on capital costs alone.” stated Pony Zhang, the project’s chief architect.

Superpower Squad’s investors

The director expressed his enormous gratitude to his investors “For that, we thank the partners who supported us, such as Kucoin, OKX and BNB Chain, for their support during all this time” to which they are also added:





Space ID


With the development of Superpower Squad, the aim is to provide a rental service for the owners of NFT’s and obtain more benefits by having the token of the protocol.

“In this way, users who have a large amount of NFT’s will be able to rent them out to earn income, and users who do not have enough money to

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